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Sal – Boa Vista – Maio – Boa Vista – Sal

Cape Verde and landmarks.

Discovering all the landscapes of Sal, Boa Vista and Maio with the beautiful coast. The trip does not require any sailing experience. A qualified captain wants to provide basic safety and sailing training. Sailing workshops on request.
For fishing enthusiasts – the possibility of deep-sea fishing. Meals can be prepared by our hostess (extra) or by yourself. Trip is devoted to relaxation without long passages. Plenty of days stops on calm shores and beautiful beaches

Sao Vincete – Santa Luiza – Sao Nicolau – Sao Vincente

Fabulous golden beaches, palm forests, cliffs, naturally carved water pools, volcanic rocks. Beautiful isolated villages combined with a touch of wildness and orient. A great route for people looking for challenges, beautiful places perfectly suited for unique photograffi

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Sal – Boa Vista – Fogo – Brava – San Tiago (one way)

A one-way cruise that allows you to visit as many beautiful places as possible in the shortest possible time. Cruise filled with the number of amazing impressions, places, showing the diversity of Cape Verde islands and their beauty.

Sal – Boa Vista – Sao Nicolao – Santa Luzia – Sao Vincente

Sal – Boa Vista – Maio – San Tiago – Fogo – Brava – Sao Nicolao – Santa Luzia – Sao Vincente

About Cape Verde

What climate and temperatures are on the islands?

The oceanic climate and temeratures are maintained at 23 – 27 degrees, making it one of the most pleasant places to relax. Not too hot summer and very warm winter.

Is sailing experience necessary to be able to go on a cruise?

No sailing experience is required. At the beginning of the cruise Skipper will train and tell about the yacht so that sailing will not be stressful at all 🙂

What is worth taking on a cruise?

So remember to bring a cream with a UV filter, headgear, and sunglasses. On the yacht it is best to use soft footwear with a white sole. Everyone who suffers from chronic diseases must remember to take the necessary medicine with them.

Can I connect my phone for charging on the yacht?

Yes, most yachts have 12V inputs to connect the charger, or direct USB ports.

In addition, our yachts have their own generators and have the option of connecting power in ports and using 230 V.

Kitchen and food

Seafood, fish and exotic fruits prevail here, which taste incomparably better than those available in supermarkets.