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Example plan for 1 week of a cruise


Welcome and embarkation. Getting to know the yacht and its service.
Joint shopping, preparation for the cruise
The first cruise and the first meal on the water.
Overnight in a marina or on a previously planned route.

Breakfast on the beach or in the marina
Morning sport, yoga, swimming or relaxation or a pre-dinner cruise.
Lunch on a yacht or in a beautiful picturesque village
Workshops and a short sailing course
Shared dinner, possibility of roasting a ram or other sophisticated meal

La Maddalena

Arrival to La Maddalena – a popular Sardinian resort. A lot of intimate beaches and anchorages. The dream region to forget about the surrounding world and daily duties. Hungry for Italian flavors, we recommend the pizzerias Sergent Pepper’s, and gourmands of wine, located right next to the port of the wine cellar Enoteca del Porto. During the day we recommend SUPs, snorkeliang and lazy sunbathing.


Bonifacio is one of the most interesting points on our route. The city is located on the cliffs and together with the picturesque old town, defensive walls and colorful buildings makes an amazing impression. We moor in the nearby marina.

Porto Cervo

Definitely one of the most exclusive marinas in Euriopia. Extremely charming and atmospheric place for an evening walk. This place is worth a visit! We will stop here either at the quay or at the berth in the port road.

Own suggestions

Snorkling, diving, visiting the bays, caves

Relax on the beach or active rest


Return to the marina in Olbia. Sentence of the yacht, ending of the cruise, shared lunch or supper and departure


Common questions and answers

Is sailing experience necessary to be able to go on a cruise?

No sailing experience is required. At the beginning of the cruise Skipper will train you and tell about the yacht so that sailing should not be stressful 🙂

What is worth taking on a cruise?

So remember to bring a cream with a UV filter, headgear, and sunglasses. On the yacht, it is best to use soft footwear on a white sole, so as not to scratch the deck but also to ensure comfort of movement. Everyone who suffers from chronic diseases must remember to take the necessary medicine with them.

How much time do we spend on the yacht?

During our cruises, we try to make flights not longer than 3-4h a day

What’s the day like on a yacht?

A morning sport or time to relax

Common breakfast

Cruise plan and preparation for departure, training in yacht service

A cruise or free time pre-arranged for sightseeing, water sports, games and fun on the water

Lunch in the marina, beautiful bays and ports, or lunch on a yacht, joint bankering on the water

Free time or cruise to another beautiful city


Relax at sunset, relax on a yacht or go down to London

What day of the week does the charter start?

The most-chosen starting day is Saturday or Sunday.

What are the documnts needed to independently charter a yacht?

Document authorizing to sail a yacht, sea skipper certificate or higher, ID or passport

Can I connect my phone for charging on the yacht?

Yes, most yachts have 12V inputs to connect the charger, or direct USB ports.

In addition, our yachts have their own generators and have the option of connecting power in ports and using 230 V.

What additional costs do we have to count on during the charter?

Additional costs associated with the charter or participation in the cruise will be presented during correspondence. Possible costs are also listed in the Booking section of our website.

What is the best way to get to Sardinia?

Fly to Olbia Airport or another airport



The nearest airport, just 18 km from the marina, is Olbia Airport.

The connection network to Olbia airport:

+48 515 545 887