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About us

Yacht Fun – our company is run by exceptional people in accordance with the belief that quality is defined by human service and proper preparation. We believe that the satisfaction of our customers lies in high quality, equipment and excellent service, while offering affordable prices.

Among the most interesting locations, we highly recommend Spring, Summer, Autumn Charters in Croatia, Winter in Cape Verde and whole year charters in Seychelles it can be your dream vacation!

If you want to enjoy wonderful sea experiences, or cover beautiful, often inaccessible places from the mainland, try new snacks, water sports, or simply relax in comfort, our yacht charter services are just what you are looking for.



“Amazing Katamaran. A must do at least once in your life.. “

Michael Peter

“Amazing ! What else can I say.. I’d do it again ! ”

Anna G.

Absolutely great company and excellent time on the Chester’s catamaran. Will be seeing you one day

Maciej Dziewirz

Wspaniali ludzie i wspaniałe wrażenia. Polecam:)

Justyna Gagat

Polecam !! Najlepsze wakacje z najlepsza Załogą !!

Natalia Natalia Natalia

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